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My Name is Hunter Callaghan

I stand here today with great pride as an indigenous man. I come from the Nira–Balluk clan of the Taungurung People of central Victoria. I am a photographer and digital artist based in Naarm – Melbourne. I spend a lot of time on country, immersed in my mob’s community and culture. I am currently commercially shooting Aboriginal Archaeology and Cultural Heritage.  

My Work

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage: 

I capture the process of Cultural Heritage in a  monochromatic photojournalistic style. 

I work closely with my mob, walking in our ancestors’ footsteps, and documenting the unearthing of artefacts they’ve left behind. Stone by stone, I find myself conjuring a clearer image of my ancestor’s lives, and awakening knowledge that has been buried within my own mind for far too long. This allows their story to become my story, their knowledge pass through this book and ensures our culture and connection to the land continue to be protected and gathered.

Digital Composited Art:

As time went on, discovering myself as a photographer I came across a medium of photography where possibility of what occurs within the frame is limitless. 

My calling  to surrealist and composited photography has brought me to produce my latest body of work –  K F I V E.  Drop into 1941, during the fight for the sky in North Africa &  Mediterranean Sea. Follow the account of pilot K5, in his fight to gain air superiority he unexpectedly uncover a window to an alt–world.

Commercial Photography:

I also thoroughly enjoy working with wide variety of different products. 

Execute refined and creative concepts for commercial oriented, advert and e-commerce photographic outcome. 

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